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Sun Glazing is a leading Curtain Wall Glazing company involved in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality  Unitized curtain Wall systems . The Company provides products and services that meet international standards. The Company serves Clients in the IT Industry, Hospitality, Commercial, High Rise Residential sector & various Multinational Companies.


'Unitised' Curtain Walling Systems

‘Unitised’ Curtain Walling differs to the traditional stick system in that the majority of ‘Installation Section’ of the Project Program is undertaken off site. Instead of fabricated lengths of extruded profile to be put together on site, followed by the glass / panels, we deliver to site fully assembled glazed panels from the factory.


Semi Unitized Curtain wall Systems

Semi unitized curtain wall consists of a Aluminum transom & Mullion main frame supported on to the wall. a sub frame duly glazed is fixed over the Main frame work with a fixing cleat.


curtain wall

The curtain wall façade does not carry any dead load weight from the building other than its own dead load weight. The wall transfers horizontal wind loads that are incident upon it to the main building structure through connections at floors or columns of the building. .


Tension Cable Facade Glazing

Cable supported Façade
• In a Point Fixed Glass wall Façade , instead of MS Pipes/Glass fins, the supporting structure will be the Tension cables.
• The top and bottom slabs/beams become the anchoring joints.
• These cables are then connected to the Glass Wall/Façade using the Clamps or the Spiders with.


Bullet Proof Glazing

CLASSIFICATION : Bullet Resistant – Bullet resistant glazing offers an effective resistance against specific weapons & ammunition type, A distinction is made between splintering & non Splintering Glass
Reaction (EN1063) BR6-5 (Splinters)
GLASS PROPERTIES : Nominal Thickness – 50mm (Planilux) extra clear Weight = 117kg/m2, Light transmission (EN 410) 72% to 82%, Light reflection pL(exterior/interior) 7%/7% & 8%/8%, U Value 4.5G value 0.51 to 0.65, Energy transmission tE 38% to 56% Energy reflection pE (exterior/interior) 5%/5% & 6%/6%


Glass Canopy

A glass canopy provides an attractive and practical feature to a building. Usually placed outside entrance doors a canopy protects people entering the building, keeps the weather away from the doors and allows natural light through to the entrance area. The feature can carry through providing a sight line passed an entrance into a lobby area. Clear glass is a popular choice but other glass options are not excluded. Entrance canopies are overhead glazing by definition and the selection of an impact resistant durable product is essential.



We have the in-house capability to design new dies for extrusions. Our design engineers hold design qualifications and a minimum 10 years experience in the façade industry. They are provided with training in the Construction design and are fully aware of their design responsibilities and roles.


Kinetic Facade

Technological advances now allow for kinetic facades that react to exterior and interior environments by allowing more or less light, rain and wind flow. Kinetics are used in conjunction with bio metrics and pliable materials that allow facades to contour and rearrange themselves based on programmable conditions and parameters.


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